SSA #79 Lawrence/Pulaski/Elston was created in January 2022 to provide services above any beyond the current services provided by the City of Chicago.  The Pulaski Elston Business Association has been selected by the City of Chicago to serve as the SSA Service Provider.

hat is an SSA?
Special Service Areas, known as Business Improvement Districts or BIDs in other cities, are local tax districts that fund expanded services and programs through a localized property tax levy within contiguous areas. The enhanced services and programs are in addition to those currently provided through the City.
SSA-funded projects typically include but are not limited to: public way maintenance and beautification; district marketing and advertising; business retention/attraction, special events and promotional activities; auto and bike transit; security; façade improvements; and other commercial and economic development initiatives.
The City contracts with local non-profits, called Service Providers, to manage SSAs. Mayorally-appointed SSA Commissioners for each SSA district oversee and recommend the annual services, budget and Service Provider Agency to the City.
Find out more about the City of Chicago SSA program HERE.

Who does SSA #79 Serve?
SSA 79 serves the property owners, businesses and residents that live/work within the approved geographic area.  This area is generally, Lawrence from Kentucky Avenue east to Pulaski, Pulaski on both sides to Wilson and then continues South on the west side of Pulaski to Elston.  Then,  Elston from Harding north to Lawrence.  Additionally, the area includes Montrose from Pulaski west to Keeler.  

What does an SSA do?
SSA 79 has been authorized to provide the following services to the above-mentioned area began in late 2022.
Litter removal, area marketing, landscaping, holiday decorations, snow removal, facade improvements, public art, etc.  

Our Vendors
SSA #79 has contracted with the following businesses to provide services within our SSA:
Medina Lawncare
Holiday Outdoor Decor
Chicago Sculpture Exhibit
Christy Webber Landscapes
Almanzo Coombs, LLC

SSA 79 Commissioners
1. Nick Yassan
Property Owner
2. Jason Caref
Clark Street Sports
3. Lisa Orloff
Imperial Lighting Maintenance
4.Erin Grabe
Resident (pending approval)
5. Vacant

2024 Meeting Schedule
Meetings are held at the PEBA office located at
4204 W. Lawrence Avenue,  11am

Tuesday, February 13
2-13 Agenda.pdf
2-13-24 SSA Meeting Minutes .pdf
Monday, April 15
4-15 Agenda.pdf
Monday, June 3
6-3 Agenda.pdf
Monday, July 8 * Zoom
7-8 Agenda.pdf

Meeting ID: 890 4225 1108
Passcode: 222307
Monday, September 9
Monday, December 16

Past Meeting Minutes
1-30-23 SSA Minutes.pdf
4-3-23 SSA Minutes.pdf
6_5_23 SSA Meeting Minutes .doc
9_27_23 SSA Meeting Minutes .docx
12_11_23 SSA Meeting Minutes (1).pdf

7_18_22 SSA Minutes.pdf
9_19_22 SSA Minutes.pdf
12-12_22 SSA Minutes.pdf

SSA Audits
‚ÄčSSA 79 - AUDIT 2023 ISSUED - 5-1-24 (1).pdf
SSA79 - 2022 AUDIT ISSUED 5-15-23 (1).pdf

SSA bylaws.pdf