About PEBA

PEBA is a not-for-profit Business Association designed to promote the visibility and growth of new and existing businesses in the Pulaski Elston Business Corridor. As a successful service organization PEBA will attempt to create a united community by promoting growth and positive relations among the neighborhood, local business and government agencies. PEBA strives to assist in the retention of existing businesses and attraction of new viable businesses in the Pulaski Elston Business District. We serve as a liaison between the City and local businesses that may benefit from city services, programs and special projects.
  • Revitalize our community and government by promoting businesses and industry
  • Serve as business liaison between the community and government leaders
  • Promote opportunities for shared services
  • Promote a sense of identity for area businesses
  • Educate and promote the growth of our member organizations

Our primary area of service is Argyle on the north, the Kennedy on the south, Cicero on the west and Lawndale on the east. We also encourage members beyond these points and welcome their support. Please join our cause. We look forward to your support.

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Executive Director
Amie Zander

Director of Business Affairs
Jin Lee

Program Manager
Colleen Sweeny

Board of Directors

Ehern Muhammad,
EMPro, Ltd.

Liz Mills
 Carlson Community Services  Immediate Past President

Cezar Iordan
 MOOvers Chicago 

Jose  Garcia
Wintrust Bank Mayfair Branch 

Melanie Reschke
 Irving Park Lutheran Church