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Chicago Phase 4 Reopening

Here's a look at the changes and guidelines by industry:

Food Service and Bars

What may be different:

  1. Contactless pickup available and contactless payment encouraged
  2. Indoor dining / alcohol consumption permitted at 25% capacity, outdoor permitted following social distancing requirements
  3. Visual signage throughout facilities regarding hygiene, social distancing, proper PPE and more
  4. Employees required to wear face coverings at all times, face coverings for guests required when not seated
  5. Employees and diners encouraged to maintain 6ft physical distancing
  6. Employees frequently disinfect facilities


What's included:

  • Manufacturing 
  • Construction
  • Transportation & Warehousing

What may be different:

  1. Employees complete health screening before entering
  2. Sanitation and handwashing stations readily available for employee use
  3. Work stations separated by 6-foot distancing and impermeable barriers where possible
  4. 6-foot indicators placed throughout manufacturing floor, where possible
  5. All employees wear appropriate PPE (i.e., gloves, face masks, eyewear, etc.,) where possible
  6. Visual signage posted throughout facilities regarding hygiene,  social distancing, proper PPE and more

Retail and Services

What's included:

  • Retail
  • Personal Services
  • Health & Fitness Clubs Guidelines

What may be different:

  1. Customers encouraged to maintain physical distancing while in store
  2. Impermeable barriers may be used to maintain separation between employees and shoppers
  3. Employees disinfect stores frequently
  4. Sanitizing products are readily available for use
  5. Customers encouraged to use contactless payment
  6. Customers and employees required to wear facial coverings at all times
  7. 6-foot indicators placed throughout stores to ensure customers maintain physical distancing


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